4×4  Lift Kit Installation

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4×4 Lift kit installation and 4×4 accessories for your Truck, SUV or Jeep are our specialty. From the hard core off roader looking for big time clearance and performance, to a more mainstream SUV just wanting to “beef up” the appearance of your rig; no matter what you are looking for, Brown’s Quality Automotive Services can handle it.

Professional Lift Kit Mechanics

Our mechanics know how to match a lift kit with your rig that will fit your needs and what you can expect from the lift you choose. We don’t just install a lift kit out of the box and send you down the road. For example: if you are lifting your vehicle to accommodate a large increase in tire size, our mechanics may recommend tweaking gear ratios to insure optimum performance as well as protecting your rig from damage.

Some of the areas of concern to consider when lifting your rig:
4x4 Lift Kit Installation Services by Brown's Quality Automotive Services serving Vancouver WA

  • Installation – will any modifications such as cutting or welding be needed to properly install the lift you are looking for.
  • Performance – Will the lift fit your driving requirements, some lifts and tire combinations just aren’t meant for highway driving.
  • Handling – After the lift is complete will the change in handling characteristics be right for you.
  • Suspension – Is your 4×4 suspension set up properly to handle the new lift as well as any accessories such as oversized tires.
  • Drive Train Parts – Are any drive train modifications required to guarantee peak performance.

Our mechanics will thoroughly check out your rig and make sure you get an ultra high performance 4×4 lift kit installation that works as good as it looks.

4×4 Accessories in Vancouver WA

Lift kits and lift kit installation aren’t the only 4×4 services you can expect from Brown’s Quality Auto Service; we install and repair all manner of 4×4 accessories:

  • Winches
  • Tire Mounting
  • Wheels
  • Drivetrain Components
  • Suspension
  • Shocks
  • Lighting
  • Body Protection
  • Tow Packages
  • Brush Guards
  • Bumpers
  • Nerf Bars and Steps

If you have any questions about our 4×4 services and accessories, contact us at Brown’s Quality Automotive Services.

Certified Dealer of Lift Kit Installation Services for Rough Country Suspension Systems

Thanks to Rough Country certification program, everybody wins. Rough Country Distributors are carefully selected. Their strategy is to find the most experienced, reputable retailers and installers who are 4WD enthusiasts in each market. They look for people that are committed to the 4WD market and that have a reputation for excellent customer service. Brown’s Quality Automotive Services are proud to be apart of the certification program at Rough Country Suspension Systems. At Brown’s Quality Automotive Services we are committed to giving superior lift kit installation services to our customers. We are confident that our installation services are among the elite here in the Vancouver WA area.

Certified Dealer of Lift Kit Installation for Rough Country Suspension Systems by Brown's Quality Automotive Services serving Vancouver WA

4×4 Lift Kit Installation in Vancouver WA

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