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Pre Purchase Inspections by Brown's Quality Automotive Services serving Vancouver WA

It’s no secret that buying a used car can be a risky proposition, and yet many people still make such purchases based on little more than a test drive around the block and a quick peek under the hood. Even for mechanically-inclined car buyers, there’s simply no way to verify the true condition of the vehicle without a professional used car inspection mechanic.

At Brown’s Quality Automotive Service, we offer a comprehensive used car inspection service for $95.00. Having a used car inspection mechanic inspect your vehicle, will allow you to buy with confidence, minimizing the risks associated with purchasing a used vehicle and ensuring that you don’t get stuck with a lemon.

Used Car Inspection Service

Buying a used vehicle can be a great way to save money, but you need to be confident in what you’re getting. A short test drive and visual inspection is a good first step, but it simply isn’t enough to verify that the vehicle will be a smart financial decision, reliable or in good condition. Our multi-point pre-purchase car inspections are designed to accurately assess the condition of the vehicle, identifying potential safety issues or mechanical flaws that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Our ASE Certified service technicians will carefully inspect all of the vehicle’s major systems, including the following:

  • Belts and hoses
  • Fluids and filters
  • Exhaust and emissions
  • Lights
  • Battery and electrical system
  • Brakes and steering components
  • Suspension and drivetrain
  • Wheels and tires
  • Body and frame

Additionally, our pre-purchase inspections include a detailed road test. This test drive allows our technicians to assess the health of the engine and the suspension as well as the transmission, clutch and other important components. Finally, our used car inspection will provide you with a full report detailing the status of the vehicle and any issues that were found.

ASE Certified Vehicle Inspections

Brown’s Quality Automotive Services provides ASE Certified pre-purchase inspections on used cars and trucks.  Get the peace of mind when purchasing your new vehicle by having it checked out by a knowledgeable and experienced used car inspection mechanic. Once your pre-purchase auto inspection is complete, you’ll have a much better understanding of the vehicle’s condition.

Regardless of the outcome, our used car inspection service will leave you better informed and more confident in your decision to purchase the vehicle or not. Contact Brown’s Quality Automotive Services today to schedule an appointment.

Pre Purchase Inspections in Vancouver WA

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