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Wheel Alignment by Brown’s Quality Automotive Services in Vancouver WA
Though it may not be apparent just from looking, your vehicle actually depends on a delicate balance of suspension components aligned at various angles in order to work at maximum efficiency. This balanced alignment can be disrupted by small impacts such as potholes and bumps in the road, by grazing or running over a curb and even by everyday wear and tear from normal driving. Poor alignment can result in increased tire wear, reduced fuel mileage, loose steering and other safety concerns, so if you suspect your vehicle isn’t aligned properly, call the wheel alignment professionals at Brown’s Quality Automotive Service!

While misalignment can be a serious problem, it’s not hard to diagnose. One of the easiest ways to assess whether it’s time to visit the alignment shop is by noting how your vehicle travels on a flat, straight surface.

4 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment

  1. Car drifts or pulls toward one side or the other.
  2. Vibration or shuddering in the steering wheel.
  3. Drives slightly off-center when you’re driving in a straight line.
  4. Rapid or unusual tire wear.

All of these are indicators that you’re due for an alignment.

Trustworthy Wheel Alignment Repair

If you’ve noticed any of the above indicators, it may be time to seek the services of a professional. At Brown’s Quality Automotive Service, the technicians in our alignment shop have the experience necessary in diagnosing and correcting all manner of alignment-related issues. Your vehicle’s alignment depends on three specific measures: the camber, caster and toe. An improper camber angle is most often responsible for pulling and uneven tire wear, while a poor caster angle can impact steering and a bad toe angle can significantly increase tire wear. The advanced equipment in our alignment shop allows us to address all of these issues, performing two-wheel and four-wheel alignments for small and mid-sized vehicles with the utmost precision. If you’re in need of an alignment shop in the Vancouver area, call or stop by and see why Brown’s Quality Automotive Service is one of the most trusted names around!

Front End Misalignment Issues

One of the most troubling aspects of poor alignment is that it can’t be seen by the naked eye. However, there are several telltale signs that can indicate a front end alignment issue. A properly aligned vehicle should travel unaided in a straight line; if yours tends to pull to one side or if your steering wheel isn’t quite centered, you likely need a front end alignment. Similarly, vibration or shimmying is often a sign of poor alignment. A misaligned vehicle will also experience more rapid and uneven tire wear, often leading to feathering, cupping or other unusual wear patterns.

2 Wheel & 4 Wheel Alignment

Whether you drive a high-performance sports car or an old work truck that’s seen better days, your vehicle still depends on a suspension system that requires precise balance. Each suspension component must work together efficiently to provide a smooth and stable ride, and it doesn’t take much for this precarious balance to be disrupted. Impacts such as potholes, speed bumps and curbs are obvious culprits, but even the wear from everyday driving is enough to slowly push your car out of alignment. When that happens, it’s time to get help from the professionals.

2 Wheel and 4 Wheel Alignment Options

Every vehicle requires its own unique balance of adjustments and angles, so correcting an alignment problem requires a trained professional using highly precise equipment. Professional alignments come in two forms: 2 wheel and 4 wheel. 2 wheel alignment, which only measures and adjusts the angles of the front axle components, are common for some front-wheel drive vehicles with solid rear axles. Four wheel alignments, meanwhile, are important for many vehicles that feature four wheel independent suspensions and for front-wheel drive vehicles with adjustable rear suspension components. If you believe your 2 wheel or four wheel vehicle is out of alignment, don’t risk further damage to your tires, suspension and other components. Simply call 360-993-5567 and let the technicians at Brown’s Quality Automotive Services help you choose the right service for your car’s needs.

Wheel Alignment in Vancouver WA

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