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Timing Belt Replacement by Brown's Quality Automotive Services serving Vancouver WA

Waiting past your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended timing belt replacement risks a huge expense and catastrophic engine failure. Timing belt replacement is recommended by manufacturers between 40,000 and 100,000 miles, depending on the vehicle. Timing chain replacement is only needed when it breaks, which may cause misfiring and rough idling of the engine.

What is a Timing Belt

With vehicle engines, valves are required to open or close with every revolution. The timing belt controls this critical operation of your vehicle. Its job is to keep your vehicle’s upper end of the engine in synchronization with the lower end of your vehicle’s engine. In many cases, the timing belt may drive other engine components such as the water and/or oil pump.

How to tell if Timing Belt is bad

Timing belts need to be replaced at your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended mileage. At Brown’s Quality Automotive Services, we recommend replacing them before or on the mileage deadline to avoid any engine failure. Here are a few common signs your timing belt is bad:

  • Engine won’t turn over
  • Ticking sound coming from the engine
  • Misfiring of the engine
  • Leaking oil from the timing belt cover

Timing belts don’t usually “break”, instead what happens is the teeth on the belt are stripped causing the drive gear to slip. This throws the engine out of time causing a major engine failure.

Timing Belt Replacement Shop

Brown’s Quality Automotive Services offers complete timing belt replacement services at our auto repair shop here in Vancouver WA. Just like everything else we do, we understand the vital role that your timing belt plays in the smooth operation of your vehicle and as such will always recommend following your vehicle manufacturers scheduled replacement of the timing belt.

The technicians at Brown’s Quality Automotive Services have decades of experience, and all of our work is backed up with a 12-month – 12,000-mile warranty.

Guaranteed Quality – Expert Repair – Affordable Prices

12-month – 12,000-mile Warranty on all New Timing Belts and Chains

Timing Belts & Chains – All Makes and Models – Foreign and Domestic

Have questions on when it’s time to replace your vehicle’s timing belt? Contact us at Brown’s Quality Automotive Services, we’ll look it up and let you know free of charge!

Timing Belt Replacement in Vancouver WA

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