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By connecting the transmission to the wheels, your vehicle’s front axle plays a critical role in transferring power from the engine to the road. As such, it’s also exposed to a tremendous amount of stress and wear that will eventually cause it to become less effective or even fail completely. Before that happens, it’s important to have your front axle inspected and, if necessary, serviced or replaced. If you suspect there’s an issue with your vehicle’s front axle, the expert technicians at Brown’s Quality Automotive Services is here to help.

Signs of Front Axle Wear

While problems can sometimes develop quickly, there are often clear indications that your car’s front axle is no longer functioning properly. One common sign is a distinct clicking or whirring noise emanating from the front of the car while cornering. This may become more apparent while accelerating or turning at higher speeds. A worn front axle may also cause a noticeable vibration or shimmying in the front of your vehicle.

Transaxle and Half Axle Replacement

In cases of minor wear and tear, front axle repair may be possible. In order to determine this, a technician needs to inspect the full axle assembly and determine the nature and degree of the damage. Front axle components that haven’t suffered major damage can sometimes be reused or rebuilt, saving money on a full replacement when it isn’t necessary. Occasionally, your front axle problems may even be resolved by simply cleaning the components and applying fresh lubricant.

Front Axle Replacement

In most cases, however, a full front axle replacement is recommended. Since the axle components are under so much stress, replacing the axle assembly is often the best course of action when the front axle has become too worn. If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs of a failing front axle, the trained service technicians at Brown’s Quality Automotive Services can inspect each of the axle’s individual components and make a determination about the best course of action to ensure the proper function and safety of your vehicle. Contact us at Brown’s Quality Automotive Services today to schedule an appointment for your front axle inspection.

Front Axle Repair in Vancouver WA

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