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Auto AC Repair and Auto AC Service by Brown's Quality Automotive Services serving Vancouver WABrown’s Quality Automotive Services wants to be your source for auto ac repair here in Vancouver, WA. We know how important it is to have a functioning A/C system, and at the same time we know how essential it is to have a repair shop you can trust. You’ll love knowing, then, how we back up every service with a guarantee.

We can provide RV, truck, and car air conditioning repairs. Our team is familiar with all the common factors that contribute to AC problems, including:

Refrigerant leaks
Radiator issues
Clogged or malfunctioning compressors
Malfunctioning compressor clutches

If the AC is blowing lukewarm air, the problem may be a faulty fan in the radiator or compressor, or it could be a bent condenser fin, among other possibilities. Refrigerant levels decrease over time even without a leak, but if you have a dried seal or a loose connection, they’ll decrease that much quicker.

Car AC Recharge Service

A recharge is one of the most common auto air conditioning repairs. This is where we refill your car with refrigerant – the type will roughly depend on whether your car was made before or after 1994 – and use a charging hose to bring pressure back up to manufacturer-specified levels. Our team makes sure to check ambient air temperature before moving forward with car AC recharge service.

Car Air Conditioning Repair

If you don’t know what the problem is to begin with, let us examine the compressor, blower fan, and other hardware; check the belts and hoses for signs of damage and wear; and check refrigerant levels. Our inspection may come in handy because we often find small, hidden problems before they turn into big ones.

Perhaps your AC was disabled because the belt on your compressor snapped; this could have been the result of a bad drive belt tensioner. We’re available to replace such components. Since we provide comprehensive auto air conditioning repairs, our shop is even prepared to rebuild AC compressors that have completely failed.

To get high-quality, environmentally friendly auto a/c service done for an affordable price, contact us at  Brown’s Quality Automotive Services.

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