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power steering service Brown's Quality Automotive Service serving Vancouver WAAll to often automobile owners neglect their power steering system and the results can be expensive to fix. At Brown’s Quality Automotive Services we check your power steering system with every service we provide. Regular maintenance to your power steering system will ensure you get the longest hassle free life from your vehicles steering system. Early signs of neglected maintenance of your power steering can be manifested in Poor Handling, Sluggish Steering, and the dreaded “Steering Squeal”.

Power Steering Problems

New power steering fluid is clean and clear. Neglected power steering fluid looks dirty like old motor oil. This old and dirty fluid can compromise the performance of your power steering system, and left unchecked will cause problems with performance and power steering life.

Dirty, neglected power steering fluid can:

  • Noise and increased steering effort
  • Reduce steering effectiveness and performance
  • Harden seals and cause leaking in your power steering system, leading to wear
  • Contribute to expensive repairs of power steering components

The Solution to Power Steering Problems

At Brown’s Quality Automotive Services we are committed to making sure our customers fully understand the benefits and long term savings through a quality automotive maintenance program, and our power steering service is no exception. With every power steering service, we:

  • Completely remove the old fluid from your power steering system.
  • Clean your entire power steering system with a proven industry leading product formulated to remove sludge and other contaminates from the system.
  • Refill your power steering system with the correct manufacturer recommended fluid.
  • Restores your power steering performancepower steering repair service Brown's Quality Automotive Service serving Vancouver WA

    Power Steering Services

    Having your power steering serviced will:

    • Help prevent sluggish steering on cold mornings
    • Reduce or eliminates steering noise
    • Provide proper lubrication of your power steering
    • Help avoid premature and expensive failures


Power Steering Maintenance

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